Who we are

Team Abana 

Mick, Lee, Graeme, and Rob took on and completed the challenge of a lifetime – to raise money that will transform thousands of children’s lives. Team Abana cycled in a race across the USA to give back childhoods to thousands of street children. All costs of the event were covered by the riders themselves so all donations have gone directly to support improved services for street and other vulnerable children.

Chris Gardner

Deputy Crew Chief

When I was approached to be part of Team Abana’s incredible efforts to raise money for children in Africa, I jumped at the chance.  As a born and bred South African who grew up in a privileged environment, I have done various charitable events to raise money in the past for African and other causes.

This challenge however is very different!  Being part of a crew supporting 4 riders to Race across America and to raise money for an incredibly worthy charity, Chance for Childhood is something I had never thought of before.  The riders will be tested both mentally and physically and it is the role of the crew to keep them safe, fit and able to complete the task.  Whilst the riders have been training hard on the roads and on their Wattbikes/Turbo Trainers, the crew have been planning the logistics of the event which includes hiring vehicles, seeking donors/sponsors, planning training days, training in First Aid and working out how best we feed the riders as they race from San Diego to Washington DC!

The main reason for getting involved is to help the team raise money for Chance for Childhood.  The charity does phenomenal work across Africa and this event is a real opportunity for us to make a difference to many children’s lives.  The event itself is a serious challenge for crew and riders and is well known for raising money for very good causes.  My role is that of Deputy Crew Chief and besides a lot of the preparation work, I will be driving one of the follow vehicles, helping fix bikes, cooking food, navigating and now and then, I will be getting some sleep…